This is who I am.

Dear Nivea….Dove…. And any other company that seems to be under the impression that my skin is not “clean” or “fair” enough, or suffering from an “uneven tone” compared to those with a distinctly less melaninated nature...   How dare you?   How dare you assume that my skin tone isn’t beautiful?   How dare … Continue reading This is who I am.


My Artist Residency at Arterra Gallery, Portugal

Earlier this year, I was an Artist-In-Residence at the beautiful ARTErra Gallery in Tondela, Portugal. Basically, whilst studying I had a question pop up in my head that I wanted to explore: "If a DJ/Turntablist plays only sound effects in thier set, would they still be deemed a DJ/Turntablist?" This question had been stuck in … Continue reading My Artist Residency at Arterra Gallery, Portugal


Hey everyone! I made a thing! 😀 I figured I should have a proper place inside the interwebs that's more official/professional, and puts everything into one place...and thus, a website was born! Any teething problems, please let me know but otherwise... YAY! Also (as you've probably seen at the top of the page), I finally … Continue reading Welcome!!