Simply put, Nicole Raymond/NikNak, wears many hats…

A storyteller in her own right, Nicole is devoted to developing her unique practice as a DJ & Turntablist, sound artist/composer, producer, tutor, sound engineer and radio presenter.

She is also a strong advocate for diverse representation in the music industry, especially within the DJ and music production realms, and musician wellbeing/mental health.

The artists she has supported include:

DJ Format, Jon 1st, Akala, Chynna, MJ Cole, Dan Kye, Bradley Zero, Cakes Da Killa, Grandmaster Flash (twice), Madlib, Lady Leshurr, Saul Williams, King Midas Sound, LayFullStop, Children of Zeus, Awate, TY, Project Hilts, Lowkey, Moses Boyd, Necktr, Commodo, Object Blue, Bambooman, Boe&LX, Pye Corner Audio, Tommy Cash, Yves Tumor, Karnage Kills, Princess Nokia…

…and the list continues to grow…

Both Sides Now Residency with Shiva Feshareki, 2017

Based in the UK, you’ll find Nicole digging for vinyl or comic books, gigging in and around Leeds, experimenting and sharing her music tastes to diverse audiences, delivering engaging sessions with students to develop their DJ skills, and running/curating events such as “Dub Sirens” and “Melanin”.


Currently, Nicole can be found gigging in West Yorkshire solo and as a part of two bands: The Belgrave House Band and TC and the Groove Family.

Nicole has also performed at festivals such as Wilderness Festival with Live Art Bistro, Handmade Festival, Chin Up Festival, We Out Here Festival, Leeds International Festival, World Island Festival, Algorave Festival, Brighton Fringe Festival with House of Verse, Leeds Digital Festival, Bradford Literature Festival, Marsden Jazz Festival and Tor Fest.

As a radio presenter, Nicole has also been on Demon FM, Sable Radio, Worldwide FM, Subtle FM, Kmah Radio and Balamii Radio.

She is also affiliated with Girls That Gig, Equaliser, and SlutDrop in Leeds, and has completed artistic residencies by Brighter Sound; collaborating with Shiva Feshareki and Anna Meredith.

In 2020, NikNak also made history by becoming the first Black Female Turntablist to ever win an Oram Award.

Other notable achievements include:

2016 – 2018


  • Participant in the Huddersfield Professional Development Programme for Women Composers of Electronic Music at the University of Huddersfield and HCMF –
  • Longlisted for the Oram awards


  • Panellist at OneFest in Sheffield
  • Selected artist for Opera North’s “Resonance” Programme, collaborated the multi-disciplinary artist Khadijah Ibrahiim and had works performed at Leeds Playhouse.
  • Composed and edited the audio documentary “In Safe Hands: The Voices of Black Britain”
  • Hosts “Melanin’, a monthly radio show on Worldwide FM
  • Presents a weekly radio show on
  • Participant in Bradford Producer Hub Training Course via Leeds 2023
  • “Audio Fundamentals” Module Leader for BIMM Birmingham
  • Participated in the Electronic Beats Blind Test Episode 7 – Dubstep 2000s alongside Mala, Caspa, Ila Brugel, Martyn and Joker.
  • Became the first Black Female Turntablist in history to win an Oram Award in 2020
  • Started the podcast “The Narrative”

To keep up to date with Nicole’s activity, or for bookings, head over to Facebook / Instagram